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There were nine of us raised by Brooklyn ex-pats Dick and Josie Wobbe,
storytellers all. I am the third eldest. We were all happily stuffed in a
three-bedroom cape in Shoreham Beach, Maryland. Needing solitude,
which was a household oxymoron, I excavated my closet, laid a blanket on
the floor as a rug, and ran an extension cord under my door for a little
lamp. It was like huddling with a cup of tea in the eye of the hurricane.
From there, J.R.R. Tolkien nurtured my imagination and my love of
literature. Does anyone else remember the excitement of the day the
library bus came to their neighborhood? For me, it was the greatest summer escape on wheels. 

                                                                              During my senior year at the University of Maryland, I had a                                                                                     spiritual experience that inspired me to leave school and join                                                                                     the Missionaries of Charity, serving in the South Bronx and in                                                                                   Rome. Although I discerned a different path, that precious                                                                                       three-year odyssey continues to impart God’s grace. Eventually,                                                                                 I ended up teaching at a Catholic elementary school in New                                                                                     Hampshire, where I providentially met my husband Dale after                                                                                    mass one Sunday. We later joined other local church families to

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found Mount Royal Academy, a pre-K through 12th-grade independent Catholic school in Sunapee, New Hampshire. Through the years, I have also served as a catechist and youth group leader.

Faith motivates my life and is the foundation of my desire to write. My story writing began in earnest when I joined the Words in Play writers’ group. My dear friend and mentor Deb McKew imparted the confidence to write. Without her assistance King of the Shattered Glass would have remained just a mountain of notes.
King of the Shattered Glass published by Marian Press is the first in a series of sacramental allegories for children. Will You Come to Mass? also by Marian Press is a pre-K through first-grade story made to inspire children (and their parents) to put the relationship with God before all else on Sunday. The Light on Christmas Morning, published in the fall of 2021 by Our Sunday Visitor, introduces a Christmas tradition that will convey to every family member that sweet cherishing of the Christ Child we all desire to have in our hearts on Christmas morning.

Completed, but not yet published projects include Smithy Boy and the King Who Stayed, The Crooked Court Jester and the Last Knight, as well as a collection of faith poems, which are all waiting for a publisher at this musing. I am currently working with a local pastor and his pro-life team to produce Diary of a Little Soul, a work that gives voice and personhood to the stages of a developing baby in the womb. Diary will be published by Our Sunday Visitor in 2022 and will feature the exquisite artwork of Dan Andreason. 
In addition to being a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, I am a Marian Helper, and a devoted friend of the Marian Missionaries of Divine Mercy (MMDM). For the last fourteen years, I have volunteered at Bishop Peterson Residence, a home for retired and elderly priests in the Diocese of Manchester. What a blessing for me!

I currently reside with my cherished husband Dale in metropolitan Newbury, NH. We have two treasured married daughters -- Sophia and her husband Jonathan, Marguerite and her husband David, and two soon-to-be-born grandchildren Evelyn Marie of Georgia and Augustine Sharbel of Colorado.

Some of my fondest goals are to contribute to the treasury of memorable Catholic children’s literature and to hug my grown children and grandchildren as often as God allows.
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